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Hiring IQ Test – Question 6

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Rating someone's problem solving skills.

Select the strongest question – the one that will reap the most information.

Answer A

What approach or steps do you take when faced with a problem?

The Mediocre Question

(A) This is an ok question because it is a situational question. These are the questions where you ask, "What would you do ‘if'…? The answer to this question reveals more about the way the candidate thinks through a process rather than what he or she has had experience with in the past. Listen to the answer to determine if he or she uses a systematic or a random way of thinking through problems.

Answer B

How much analysis of problems did you do in your last position?

The Weakest Question

(B) The answer you'll get to this question will be too broad and not specific enough to make a hiring decision. Anytime there is a problem that is to be solved the person must first think through the problem. Listen for the thinking process and determine whether this candidate is just answering the question or if the answer deals with the problem solving process.

Answer C

Was there a time when you identified a significant problem in your past job?

The Strongest Question

This is the strongest question because it requests a specific time or incident when a problem occurred. There is always the chance that the candidate might give a "Yes," or "No" answer. If the answer to this question happens to be "No," then you could move to the next question asking the candidate about the steps he would take if he had to handle a problem.