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Hiring IQ Test – Question 3

Posted by on Apr 21, 2013 | 0 comments

Ascertaining the candidate’s communication skills.

Select the strongest question—the one that will provide you with the most information.

Answer A

Rate your communication skills. Are they excellent, above Average, or average?

The Weakest Question

(A) With a question like this one, you will not gather any valuable information. It is unlikely that anyone is going to rate themselves “average” during the interview, even if they are. The candidate is there to impress and sell you. What decent sales person would ever say that his or her product was average?

You can strengthen this question by asking a follow up question such as:

“Give me an example of a typical day using your communication skills.”

“When have your communication skills been challenged?

What types of communication are you responsible for in your current job?

Answer B

What percentage of your current job requires good communication skills?

The Mediocre Answer

(B) This is an OK question, particularly because it has two-parts. The first part of the question – the percentage - could be answered with one word. When you add the probe, "Give me an example," the question now asks for specific information that will be more revealing.

Answer C

How would your coworkers describe your communication skills?

The Strongest Question

This is not only the strongest question but it is also an excellent way to test how the candidate rates his or her skills through the lens of a group of peers. Speaking through others’ words is much easier for the candidate and in-turn he or she may be able to speak more freely.