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Hiring IQ Test – Question 2

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Learning about potential problems that could affect performance.

Select the strongest question—the one that will provide you with the most information.

Answer A

Is there any reason that you will not be able to perform the duties of the job with reasonable accommodation?

This is The Strongest Question

(A) This is the best way to ask this question. You are treading on sensitive ground when you begin to ask about limits or disabilities. Be sure to ask the question so that it is not discriminatory against people with disabilities.

The term “reasonable accommodation,” is somewhat vague. Be aware that this question has the possibility of eventually coming back to haunt you if the candidate feels that you discriminated against him or her.

Answer B

Did you get any negative feedback from your last job?

The Mediocre Answer

(B) This question is just average because it is not specific enough to garner any information that might be helpful. A stronger way to ask this question would be, “Tell me about a comment on your last performance appraisal, or from your boss, that indicated you needed to improve in some area of your performance.”

Answer C

Do you have any health problems that would keep you from doing the job?

The Weakest Question

This question is not only weak, but it is illegal to ask. The Americans with Disabilities Act states that you cannot ask questions regarding health unless health is relevant to the requirements of the job and the duties that will to be performed. You can ask if there are any reasons the candidate cannot perform the duties of the job with reasonable accommodation.