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Boost Your Hiring IQ

By Carole Martin, The Interview Coach
Boost Your Hiring IQ is a fun and interactive quiz that will enable you to obtain more information from job candidates so that you will be able to determine objectively whether the person you’re interviewing is the right person for the job. Using the Manager’s Hiring IQ Test to rate your interviewing skills will help you see where you need to strengthen your skills and your ability to ask more savvy questions. Get this handy E-Book today for only $9 – regular price: $12.49 – Click Here

“Boost Your Hiring IQ” (McGraw Hill) my latest book has 50 questions with 150 possible answers to choose from in the same format as the “Practice Interview.”

“It just wasn’t fair. As the Interview Coach on Monster.com for the past 8 years, Carole Martin helped millions of job seekers deliver a polished and winning performance in their job interviews….Unfortunately, most hiring managers are not experts in the art of interviewing a candidate. When a “Martinized” candidate appeared in their offices, those interviewers must have felt like amateurs by comparison. I’m sure that in the end they were rewarded with a better hire.”

Here is what you will find in the book:

  • ┬áThe Manager’s Hiring IQ Text with Score Sheet
  • The Surefire Way to Boost Your Score
  • Savvy Interviewing – The Planning Stage
  • Identifying Required Skills
  • The Key Factors Necessary
  • Preparing Questions
  • The Seven Most Common Mistakes Interviewers Make
  • The Selection Process
  • Identifying Behaviors and Patterns
  • Behavioral Interview Techniques
  • The Candidate Evaluation
  • Rating the Candidates Against One Another

Author of Boost Your Interview IQ, Perfect Phrases for Writing Job Description, Interview Fitness Training, Perfect Phrases for the Perfect Interview and many more. All are available at Amazon.com, published by McGraw-Hill.

About Boost Your Hiring IQ:

  • The Complete Manager’s Hiring IQ Test (to view a sample, click here)
  • Ask Questions That Identify the Ideal Candidate
  • Decode Their Answers and Hire the Best

Foreword by Doug Hardy, coauthor with Jeff Taylor of The Monster Career series

Includes chapters on:

  • The Surefire Way to Boost Your Hiring Score
  • A Savvy Approach to More Effective Interviewing
  • The Selection Process
  • Interview Structure and Techniques

A must have for any Hiring Manager and Team as the go to resource to help in difficult hiring decisions.


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