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I’ve heard it said that the only thing more painful than going to an interview is to have to conduct an interview.

Most hiring managers dread the experience. One of the reasons that they dread the experience is that they have had little or no training in how to effectively perform the task.

There have been studies that have found that many hiring decisions are actually made in the first two minutes of the interview. If that is the case, these decisions are being made on a subjective basis, when the interviewers’ inner prejudices are at work; they are judging the candidates by the way they look, act, shake hands, and most of all by their demeanor.

Most candidates are nervous before the interview. In fact, some are paralyzed at the thought of selling themselves. If the interviewer cannot see beyond that behavior and work to bring out the best in the person, they may be missing out on great people who are not great at interviewing or selling themselves.

Your job in the interview is to ask the questions that will bring out the skills, abilities, traits, and past behaviors of the candidate so that you can get as clear a picture of that person as a possible in a short amount of time. Often hiring is done with little more than a passing thought to the skills, abilities, and knowledge needed for a position.

Inadequate evaluation of critical skills cost companies millions of dollars each year because objective job data have not been collected. Just as interviewing for the job as a candidate is a learned skill, so is hiring a learned skill.

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