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Inadequate evaluation of critical skills cost companies millions of dollars each year because objective job data have not been collected. Just as interviewing for the job as a candidate is a learned skill, so is hiring a learned skill. Take the test to see how you do.

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Boost Your Hiring IQ

By Carole Martin, The Interview Coach
Boost Your Hiring IQ is a fun and interactive quiz that will enable you to obtain more information from job candidates so that you will be able to determine objectively whether the person you’re interviewing is the right person for the job. Using the Manager’s Hiring IQ Test to rate your interviewing skills will help you see where you need to strengthen your skills and your ability to ask more savvy questions. Get this handy E-Book today for only $9 – regular price: $12.49 – Click Here

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Most candidates are nervous before the interview. In fact, some are paralyzed at the thought of “selling themselves.” If the interviewer cannot see beyond that behavior and work to bring out the best in the person, they may be missing out on great people who are not great at interviewing, or selling themselves.Most hiring managers dread the experience.

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